Agnes Parcesepe “Agili”



–             When did you discover your artistic vocation?
I started to paint in 2002 when my family has grown up. I always had the passion to paint but did not have the opportunity until then to start to paint .

–             Which artist and / or cultural current was particularly important for your training?

I love the old Impressionists like Claude Monet , John Russell ,Camille Pissarro , Alfred Sisley , and all the artists of that time . I learned the stile and the technique that they created, then I created my own unique style like my City scenes , still life ,landscape and anything that I painted . It helped me to understand that each artist has its own style , technique and interpretation of what they feel and see.

–            What should an artist represent and inspire with own art?
An Artist should create Ideas, Emotions , that communicates and represents a message of beauty that surrounds us all. It should come deep from the heart ,from the soul that only an artist can see and understand .The Painting should provide inspiration to all other artists and the viewer .

–            What techniques do you prefer to carry out your artworks?
I love Water color to work with because I love how the colors run together and create some magic. I also work with Oil , Acrylic , Pastel ,Charcoal and Ink . I love working with Mixed media where I create City Scenes with silk , linen , ribbons and any kind of fabric to create three dimensional effect . I have received Local and International recognition and awards for coming up with this idea and this unique kind of Art.

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