Arzu Akbulut



–             When did you discover your artistic vocation?

In my earliest childhood memories, I remember myself painting which were the the most enjoyable moments of life. There were periods in time that I have  painted less but always deeply interested in visual arts. This fascination with Arts has urged me to study art and also philosophy simultaneously .

–            Which artist and / or cultural current was particularly important for your training?

After having studied and practiced different mediums and styles of painting ,my quest has ended with the art of miniature.The very detailed miniature paintings of Eastern art which has been an art of storytelling  requested a meticulous work of long hours and dedication. Spelled with the art of miniature ,Old Masters paintings of Europe have been inspirational for me as well.

–            What should an artist represent and inspire with own art?

I think an artist should give a framework within which to analyse and discuss aesthetic ideas and inspire with a pleasing art work in order to cultivate our good sides as a human being in the pathetic state of Earth today.

–            What techniques do you prefer to carry out your artworks?

I prefer  the miniature art techniques with  the thin sable brush ,water color ,acyrilic ink, smashed gold or other variants as per the necessity of my artworks.

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