Attila Olasz

Thoughts about my pictures

I am Attila Olasz painter. I have been painting for more than twenty years. I use a variety of materials such as oil, acrylic, watercolor, oil pastel, graphite, watercolor pencil.

I tried it overhanging, reflective, flowing, embracing, connecting, separating forms.

Movement and dynamics are also a recurring problem for my work.

Plastic, crushed, material-like shapes.

The use of colors has also changed over the years. I’ve built my compositions for strong blue, red yellow ensembles. This was followed by the more subtle, broken   color effects or monochrome solutions. New colors have appeared as well for example, silvery gray-blue, purple-red, cinnamon green.

I often draw and paint figurative shapes. They are both concrete and abstract at the same time.   Analytical behavior prevails. In some cases, it seems like stone blocks,  cellular structures with blood vessels and nerves. You can see it inside the body.

I pay special attention to the addressing. I try to avoid the descriptive character.  I try to name one of the main motifs or the overall effect of the picture.  I love poetic titles.