Expressionist Artist Drawing Painting Collage Nature Place Landscape

The inspiration for my art predominantly comes from colours, light, designs in nature, place, landscape. I strive to create images from the everyday;- building them up with gradual layering, pattern and sometimes random mark-making to create a unified whole. I am drawn to making the everyday magical, lyrical, opulent, alive. I hope my work reminds you that the world can be a beautiful place and connects you with the heart and soul of life.
My paintings and drawings require time and space. I utilise the richness of oils to maximise the interplay of colour, impasto, glazing, palette knife techniques; all of which give a three-dimensional quality to the surface of the canvas. Creatively, the emphasis is on process and materiality in image-making. There is a core interplay between memory of the lived experience, imagination, intuition and connection with materials from which the image is constructed. The work gradually evolves by making subtle shifts in materials and varied treatment of the surface. This process involves a balance of letting go to working with my intuition and embracing the more formal elements of composition, space, depth, tone, light, colour, mark-making as the artwork emerges over time. In contrast I create quicker works on paper, (oils, acrylic collage), some of which link to developed/extended works. Similarly, my drawing practice reflects the pursuit of the expressive mark.
At the heart of the making process is an intuitive drive. Key elements also include; inside- looking out, outside-looking in, micro-macro views of place. My goal is to create evocative, aesthetic artworks that speak to the viewer of the organic process of creating art as well as of a personal connection to place. Mixed media are combined dynamically to give a sense of evolution and layering within. The drawn/painted image emerges to be engaging, dynamic, bold and/or maintains an ethereal, sensitive, dream-like quality….evoking a sense of depth and 3-dimensionality;- images within images, stories within stories.

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