Cornelia Regine Prawitt



–             When did you discover your artistic vocation?

Even in childhood. At the age of 10 I knew I wanted to study art. And after I graduated from high school I did that too.

–             Which artist and /or cultural current was particularly important for your training?

Expressionism fascinated me a lot. The great expressiveness of the works and their wonderful colors influenced me. Artist such as Emil Nolde, Paul Klee and Edvard Munch or the graphic works of the artist Käthe Kollwitz were important to me. Abstract Expressionism was added later. Willem De Kooning, Karel Appel and Walter Stöhrer should be mentioned here. Of course, the other cultural currents of that time also influenced me.

–            What should an artist represent and inspire with own art?

In my opinion, art should be as free as possible from guidelines and restrictions, and this also applies to the motif. But I think it`s important that art inspires sensations and impressions that enrich people not only in a material sense.

–            What techniques do you prefer to carry out your artworks?

I currently prefer acrylic paints because they dry quickly and are water resistant when dry. These color properties are favourable for my current work process. A few years ago I painted a lot with oil paints because I love the consistency of this paint and appreciate its possibilities. Each technique has its own effect that can be used in a targeted manner. In order to discover new things again and again, I sometimes experiment with other techniques, image carriers or new materials.

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