Dagmar Gogdun



–             When did you discover your artistic vocation?
When my husband was chairman of our Eminönü Rotary Club in Istanbul – each chairman has a project to be completed – I suggested to present Turkey’s intellectual side to Europe (unfortunately the people of Europe only saw Turkish guest workers and no cultured persons) by organizing an exhibition of young Turkish artists. For this purpose we collaborated with the University of Fine Arts – Mimar Sinan University/Istanbul – and exhibited the works of 10 young artists in Frankfurt and Vienna. Since I organized this project I was so much impressed by the young artists and their works that I decided to get myself involved in fine arts. I took lessons at said university as a guest student and took private lessons from 2 artists of said university. I worked very hard and opened my first solo exhibition in 1996.

–            Which artist and / or cultural current was particularly important for your training?
The Mexican artist Frida Kahlo impressed me very much. I also got polio during a stay in Monclova/Mexico with my parents, had to undergo many operations, but as Frida I never gave up and struggled to get ‘normal’ again.

–           What should an artist represent and inspire with own art?
I try to give a message by my art. I call myself an’ environmental fighter’, because due to drastic climate changes, nature is suffering very much. Many plants and animals are disappearing and one day we will see all these beauties only on photos. Therefore I chose as a main subject flowers and try to paint them with all their tiny details and colors, so that they can be admired at least on canvas.

–           What techniques do you prefer to carry out your artworks?
My technique is oil on canvas.

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