Déborah Cassolis



–              When did you discover your artistic vocation?

In retrospect, I have always been an artist from a very young age. In fact, my first competition was when my mother entered my art at the age of nine (9) years of age. Sadly, shortly after she submitted my art, she was informed by the competition judges that it could not have been possible for a child that young to have painted the image submitted, unfairly alleging an adult had painted it, they refused to enter my art. Later in life, I painted and sold art throughout the years, but not giving it enough respect to pursue it. After taking a sabbatical from art for years, one day realizing my passion, I resigned from my employment, drove to college and registered in 2003 and pursued what I was good at, being an artist and painter. Graduating with honours and now an Alumni of Phi Theta Kappa with two art degrees in Fine Arts and Liberal Arts. Since, only focusing on the arts, with patrons and galleries from all over the world.

–              Which artist and / or cultural current was particularly important for your training?

It was probably Robert Bateman a realistic wildlife painter inspired me to look to nature to be a painter, then the second time I was moved by a painter, it was Kean Leatham, an Inuit painter that painted forests, skies and landscapes, my third was that of Frida Khalo, who I wasn’t familiar with this uni-browed woman with a mustache, who painted such graphic images, moved me to not be afraid of what to paint, that what you paint should be from the soul. Recently, I met the famous Nicholas Wilson painter of desert wildlife whose advise about painting from the heart the things you want to paint, that who you are as a painter, is what the audience wants. Combining these three and many more of course, the incredible instructors at college who encouraged me to grow, have all moved me to be a better artist, improved my techniques and skills on an ongoing basis yet remaining true to myself.

–             What should an artist represent and inspire with own art?

Artists should represent what they feel a passion for, about a subject or what they want to express with their feelings, to convey to the world what they stand for. My own art is inspired by tropical nature, the elegance of the tropical plants and trees the feeling it has when we see palm trees, it takes us to wonderful places in our minds. As I began to observe the petticoats of the palm trees, realizing that the palm trees in particular provide a habitat for birds, lizards and other small animals to have shelter, and how we can coexist with nature.

–            What techniques do you prefer to carry out your artworks?

As a realism painter, it helps me to use a variety of t
echniques to achieve the realistic effects of my subject(s). For instance, dry brushing to achieve slight highlights that can make fur or tiny lines of the leaves stand out, or sgraffito is a good method to get fine lines on palm leaves or feathers on birds, animal fur. A matte medium for shaded areas and a glossy medium for light areas, such as sunlight of the paintings. I am intrigued with the contrast of sunlight and shadows of many shades can pull out the images to realistic outcome .

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