Helene C Karrebæk


–              When did you discover your artistic vocation?
In primary school I realized I had interest and talent for drawing and painting. I collage, I met a very inspiring artist and teacher, who gave me the stimulus to graduate as a textile designer. I did this, in Copenhagen with distinction.

–              Which artist / or culturel current was particularly important for your training?
During my education and after, I have been drawn to the Cobra artists, especially Asger Jorn. I feel a connection to his curiosity and intentions, without wanting to copy other artists. I was also fascinated and inspired by Goya and his powerful spirit. Among others, I have with interest studied Leonardo Da Vincis life and Art.The power and life in nature, -and in Heaven- has been my most important guide, in the woods as well as in the city, like the little dandelions break through tiles and asphalt.

–             What should an artist represent and inspire with his own art ?
Artists has their own special story. It is your heart and soul you share, and a very personal thing, but it ís important your dare to share it with the world, whether it is audible or visual art, and to stay true to your intentions.

–             What techniques do you prefer to carry out in your artworks?
I like to work fast with the brushes, mostly with watercolors, and find joy in the slow process combining different materials, to create a relief effect. I intend to make people use their imagination.

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