Lucy and Layla Swinhoe





–              When did you discover your artistic vocation?

We dont think you ever stop discovering you’re artistic vocation, it’s a constant voyage of discovery. Many voices are expressed in the artistic act or process, while the source is in a constant state of flux. Futhermore, echoes and reverberations from oneself (and others) are endlesssly unfolding. At a very early age we were always drawing, and were described as very imaginative children.

–              Which artist and / or cultural current was particularly important for your training?

None in particular, but everything has an influence and music has always been the biggest driver. The vibrational river that opens up when one enters the trance state allows one to become a reciever. Vision equals vibration and vibration equals vision. That is how everything manifests.

–              What should an artist represent and inspire with own art?

Hopefully it should be a reminder to people that we all wield creative energy and therefore spiritual power – we are all the creators of our own existence, and with that power comes incredible responsibility. So it’s not something that just comes lightly – it’s a serious heavy processs also. It’s multifacted. It should encourage and inspire people to open themselves up more to the energetic frequencies of the multiverse, and be a reflection of that experience. To look deeper at life, to delve beyond the surface. The medium is a manifestation of something more, something beyond. Art is a language, a translation.

–             What techniques do you prefer to carry out your artworks?

Imagination, reason, speculation and melancholy mixed with a blend of transcendence and shamanism. Imagination is the ability to visualise, reason comes hand in hand with research and ties to the collective, speculation considers the possibilities, while melancholy, though a torment and struggle, recognises ‘heart’ and therefore puts things into balance while always on a knife-edge. To transcend, through the shamanic process, is to filter everything and open up to infinity. Art is literally the translation of this process/technique through a medium. We generally use photography/film as it is quick, and this tends to speed things up as our mental health tends to slow things down. But like ones body is made up of symbiotic processes, we are mixed media artists and prefer not to put boundaries on the translation process.


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