Maria-Margarita Getova



–              Quand avez vous découvert votre vocation artistique  ?
I draw since I remember myself. Painting has been part of my life from the very beginning. It is like breathing for me. Ever since kindergarten, I have tried to portrait my teachers and the staff. I remember once a teacher asked me: “Are you going to be an artist when you grow up?” At that time such a question seemed quite strange to me and I just answered: “I am an artist!”, which, of course, made the teachers laugh. But then I truly believed that being an artist is not a profession. This is something humans are born with – you are either a natural born artist, or not – you are not to become such. Of course, after a while, I understood that hard work and persistence are factors one needs to develop what one has. Latter I graduated The National Academy of Arts – Sofia, Bulgaria – PhD degree – mural painting, and I became a professional artist (by the way I never meant to be such it just happened).

–             Quel courant artiste et ou culturel était particulièrement important pour votre formation ?
I think a person should be himself in art, to express his thoughts and ideas – the things that really move him, to send messages he wants to get across. I do not think artists should follow trends in art if they themselves do not truly believe in them. I love and appreciate many artists – from Renaissance to modern ages, such as Michelangelo, Hieronymus Bosch, Rene Magritte, Alfons Mucha, Boris Georgiev and Daniel Merriam… But no one was particularly important for my training. The techniques of iconography and the old techniques of painting present in my art mixed with contemporary using of colors. I feel close to my art the genres of symbolism, surrealism, realism and fantasy mixed with the decorative visual expressions. I find the inspiration in philosophy, old ethno legends and myths, religions and dreams.

–            Qu ‘ est – qu’ un artiste doit représenter et inspirer avec son propre art ?
I think any work of art should be made in a way that the artist to build in a part of her/his soul in it. That would make a work of art spiritually enlighten. This is the way I try to work – to create alive images that would be able to communicate with the viewers and to inspire thoughts and feelings. For me, the human is my greatest inspiration – the human face with its countless emotional states… Humans are so incredible and so complex beings.… This is the main tool I use to express my ideas.

–            Quelles techniques préférez – vous pour réaliser vos oeuvres d’art ?
I love to mix different techniques and stiles. I studied ancient, classic and decorative techniques. Often I use acrylic paints, oil paints, different reliefs, golden and silver leaves. For my miniatures, I use semi-precious stones as basis, gold, silver and synthetic resins. I chose the techniques, which would be best for my concrete idea.

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