Marian Hara



–              When did you discover your artistic vocation?
I was attracted from childhood to express myself artistically, to draw animals, insects.
I keep many drawings from the age of 10. During Gymnasium I also attended a ceramics course, where I modeled in clay, with the theme of animals, people, portraits, which I still keep. But the opportunity to make a career in art came later, when the University of Art in Cluj Romania opened a College and then a branch in the city of Sighisoara, close to the village where I live.

–              Which artist and/or cultural current was particularly important for your training?
The first artistic personality that influenced me was the French cartoonist Andre Cheret who created Rahan character. Later, I discovered the great Leonardo da Vinci, who is still a role model for me today.

–              What schould an artist represent and inspire with own art?
Beyond expressing beauty, I believe that art represents a vision, an attitude towards reality.
Here I subscribe to Pablo Picasso’s idea that “ the brush in the hand of an artist is the most formidable weapon”. Thus, art can express feelings of disapproval of what is bad at some point in the world, such as war.(see Picasso’s “Guernica”).For me, art is important because it allows me to transpose my own experiences and attitudes towards the world around me.

–              What techniques do you prefer to carry out your art?
I finish many works in color, oil or acrylic on canvas, but one of the preparatory techniques and sometimes even the final work is drawing in pencil, charcoal or ink on paper.

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