Vincent Messelier



–             When did you discover your artistic vocation?
I start painting in 2006, just bought some material, canvas, palletknives, acrylpaint and started experimenting.

–            Which artist and / or cultural current was particularly important for your training?
Nobody in particular, my father was a fan of old masters like Dali. For the rest I’m completely self-taught.

–            What should an artist represent and inspire with own art?
My statement is as follows :
An Artist and his creations
‘A relation between the creator and the admiror is the most complex and unexplanable that ever had existed. Without words, there is an incredible magnificent communication that
reflects the inner passion between them.
The art you buy from an artist is not simply an object but is an investment. It’s an investment in a piece of a heart and soul…
And even a piece of the creator’s life, because this piece of art is not only created as result of hours of errors and experimentation, but also years of frustrations and moments of pure joy. Art is the most valuable way of communication, with knowing that the admiror and creator can live or understand it in a different way, knowing there is no right or wrong, only a strong powerfull connection.
This is art, touching people in their heart without wanting to hurt, doing big efforts to make people happy with the beauty of the passion and the power of imagination.
This is my vision of art, the way I make it, right from my heart and soul. Art is my second skin!’

–            What techniques do you prefer to carry out your artworks?
I work always with pallet knives and I work with the paint (that I make myself) directly on the canvas. You will always recognize horizontal and vertical stripes and lines, referring to the meridians of the world, therefor I call my style ‘Meridianism’.

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