Attila Olasz was born in Szeged in 1982 in Hungary. He was graduated as a painter in 2009 at the Artistic Faculty of the University of Pécs. He organized  forty solo exhibitions.

In September 2019, his solo exhibition was opened in historic center of Rome in the Galleria Il Collezionista. In October 2019, he received the Giorgio Vasari International Award III.  medal in the historic center of Rome at the Vatican Chancellery Palace and in February 2020 the International Masters in Vatican medal there. His artwork  Snake people in the Hell was exhibited in the Bellini Museum in Florence during the Dante Masters Award 2021 event organized by Galleria Il Collezionista.

Cities where his pictures was exhibited: Milan, Venice, London, Florence, New York, Porto, Genova, Naples, Mantova, Bologna, Vienna, Barcelona.