Renate Merzinger-Pleban
academic painter and graphic artist


Kulturvernetzung NÖ:

Publishing House Merzinger-Pleban:

 Born in Vienna (Austria),
married, two adult daughters,
lives and works in Pressbaum near Vienna

  • “University of Applied Arts” in Vienna (Diploma Academy Prize)

Member of:

  • “IG Bildende Kunst” (Vienna)
  • “Landesverband der NÖ Kunstvereine” (Lower Austria)
  • “Kulturvernetzung NÖ” (Lower Austria)
  • CFA Artists (France Lyon)

Founder Member of:

  • “Verein für Kunst und Kultur” (Lower Austria)

12 years freelancer in:

  • „Portfolio Kunst AG“ (Vienna)
  • „Artware AG“ (Vienna)


Short statement to my work:

Landscape is everywhere: in addition to landscapes in nature, there exist also body- and face  landscapes. So there does not exist no landscape. I’m interested in all landscapes.

There are – roughly speaking – two possibilities to design a topic artistically: the reproduction of as many details as possible or the representation reduced to what appears as most essential, even up to abstraction. The result is – must be – a very personal point of view.