Silvija Jovanović 09.02.1968. I live in Negotin , Serbia,  I teach art in an elementary school.

I graduated from from the Faculty of Applied Arts and Design in Belgrade in 1991. I had a couple of exhibitions and went to a couple of colonies, but I probably wasn’t ambitious enough to make an effort to present more my work.

This style of work for me is a type of symbolism. I paint in that stile in 1994, 95, acrylic and oil paintings, I also did still life,and  very rarely landscapes. I think that art is a research work, it is interesting to try a new topic and technique and not always be in the same pattern.

Last year I returned to my symbolism, I think that prehistory is more than what we know about it. In the pictures, I have Neolithic sculptures  of Lepenski Vir in Serbia, which are fish-like and similar to some sculptures from other parts of the world. And the sculptures from the Neolithic Vinča from Serbia, many who do not know anything about Vincha sculptures , think that they are aliens in my drawings because of the triangular face and big eyes.

In one drawing, it seems to be a bridge held by two hands, which is one of the natural beauties of Serbia, the Vratna stone gate.

Of course, like all artists, I’m a bit narcissistic, so every picture shows my portrait. One painting was inspired by a trip to Florence and a pantomime artist who was in front of the Uffizi Gallery. Fantastic inspiration with fantastic architecture make a little bit  mystical paiting . That picture, as well as the one were is mu portrait above of the sculpture from Vinča, can be viewed from all sides. No matter how you turn the picture, the portrait is on all four sides of the picture, somewhere face-to-face, somewhere half-profile, somewhere profile.

Each picture has an equilateral cross in a some circle with a heart in the middle of the cross. It’s from my dream, which was so real that I spent days searching the internet for such a cross. And so I decided to have it on every one of my works.

That is about my art.